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Welcome to Radio Wa 89.8 FM

Radio Wa is a community radio broadcasting from Lira in Northern Uganda. It belongs to the Catholic Diocese of Lira and it has been active since 2001. In this year, therefore, Radio Wa is celebrating its 10th anniversary and therefore we would like to ask all our listeners and friends all over the world to join us.

In the framework of this anniversary and after we have finished our 5-year Strategic Plan, Radio Wa is carrying out a thorough revision of its brand and corporate identity. The launching of this website is also an integral part of this process and we hope it will help us to be in touch with more listeners. Specially, the downloads section will be useful for those persons who would like to know more about our programmes, specially to those Langi spread all around the world who would like to hear to what is going on in their mother tongue.

Despite its humble origins, this radio station has played a commendable role in the peace efforts carried out in the region. One of its greatest achievements has been the weekly radio programme “Karibu” (Welcome), targeting the numerous child-soldiers under the captivity of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). This programme was for many years a beacon of hope and resilience for these children abducted by the LRA who clandestinely used to listen to the weekly broadcast. Approximately 1,500 children (according to the military intelligence) are said to have fled the bush – putting at risk their own life – just because they listened and were encouraged by the contents of this programme.

Today, in this new situation of peace and reconstruction in Northern Uganda, Radio Wa carries on being an agent of truth, peace and justice. The armed conflict and the displacement are not there anymore, but this doesn't mean that the problems faced by the local population are over: Poverty, ignorance, lack of ethics, little access to basic social services and widespread corruption are still rampant in the region.

Radio Wa 89.8 FM believes that unbiased information and citizen awareness are the best weapons to fight these scourges of our society. The launching of this website is an integral part of this new period.

We hope that in this website you might find useful information about Radio Wa's history, our programmes, the Lango culture and the wonderful people of Northern Uganda.

This is Radio Wa, 89.8 FM. This is your radio.

Alberto Eisman