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Social Programmes

The programmes of social nature form the core of all productions and broadcasts of Radio Wa. Among the most relevant social programmes offered to our listenership, we can highlight the following ones...

  • Amateur group for radio drama

    An amateur group for radio drama plays and soap operas produces each week a different play describing different issues related to the life of average people: war, displacement, prejudices, AIDS, child abuse, land issues, gender violence, discrimination, marital problems, alcohol, inheritance rights, etc. After each play, listeners have the opportunity of calling the station and express their views on the play and the issues tackled in it. This amateur group could easily be developed into a more proficient and professional group that could also pass different positive messages to the society.

  • Women programmes

    The community also has its dedicated women programmes (Women's Hour), focusing on issues affecting womens' lives and fostering more gender balance in social, economic and political life. This is one of the most popular programmes in the Radio and their hosts Imat Santa Adonyo and Imat Perpetua Okao have become in the different rural communities true agents of awareness and reconciliation and thus they are called on regular basis in order to assist or to mediate in women related issues

  • Peacemaker

    The radio also has played an important role in the integration of former child soldiers, actively contributing to the stabilization of the region and the building of solid peace relationships. The former “Karibu” programme had to be discontinued as a precondition to the peace talks between the government of Uganda and the LRA in Juba. At this moment, this programme has been replaced by the “Peacemaker” programme that runs three times a week

  • Witchcraft-related issues

    There is a weekly programme fully dedicated to witchcraft-related issues, where former witchdoctors talk to the listeners about the dangers and the elements of witchcraft which are harmful to the community. These programmes are even more relevant in the wake of the sad events related to child sacrifice which seems to be triggered by witchcraft beliefs.

  • Special programme for prison inmates

    Thanks to good relationships built up over many years with prison authorities, the radio also has a special programme for prison inmates, aimed at airing their messages, their situation and their concerns to the outside world. It is the only radio station allowed to broadcast from inside the prison in special events inside the centre.

  • Community policing

    Among its social services, it gives each week the opportunity for members of the police force to come and carry out community policing, enlightening the community on different issues related to crime, security, traffic and citizen rights.

  • Outdoors broadcasting

    Presently this is the only radio in Lira equipped with an outdoors broadcasting unit (OB) that allows broadcasting from remote locations in real time any kind of social, political, community and sport events, as well as promoting constructive debate in different points of the region.

Both private companies and NGOs are presently contributing to the running of these media initiatives. Private companies are partially supporting it by means of advertising and sponsoring of programmes and NGOs take advantage of the radio programmes to broadcast about the programmes they are implementing on the ground and even to promote talk-shows or make announcements and train the civil society in elements related to their field of action (children or women rights, water and sanitation, education, food security, etc.)