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Kole Residents Resort to Jolly Just To Suplement Sugar

jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

By Okai Ambrose

The increase in the price of sugar has forced the residents in Alee in Ayer Sub county in Kole district to resort to powdered sweet drinks to sweeten their porridge.

The demand for the powdered drinks that come under the brands of Jolly Just, Pop Drink and Super Deep have gone up at Alee Trading Centre where children especially flock to the shops in the morning to buy the sweeteners.

Nelson Okuti, a shop keeper says he sells over 30 sachets of Jolly Just a day compared to the less than 10 in the past.

A 4.5 gram sachet of Jolly Just that costs 200 shillings can sweeten two liters of water. The powder comes in Pineapple, Mangoes, Orange and Strawberry flavor.

However, Tom Odur, another shop keeper says the increase in the price of sugar has drastically affected his sale since buyers prefer Jolly Just.

A kilogram of sugar at Alee trading centre now cost 5,000 shillings while a 50 kilograms bag currently sells at 120,000 shillings which Odur says his capital has always been tied up because of the poor sales.