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Starch Factory LCI In Lira Municipality Decended To Mob Injustice On Juveniles

lunes, 03 de abril de 2017

By Adero Grace

The locals in Starch factory village in Adyel Division in Lira Municipality are not yet willing to make good use of the police outpost opened in the area days ago.

The Local Council 1 of the area instead has beefed up their own security spending sleepless nights in a bid to nab criminals who move at night.

On Saturday morning a group of four boys were picked by the LC 1 security team on allegations of waylaying road users at night and subjected them to uncountable strokes of canes under the command of the Chairman, Mr. Odomoch Tomson.

Emmanuel Okello, the Vice Chairperson of Starch factory said the community do not have any trust in police at Starch factory, describing them as greedy men who release suspects after receiving bribes.

He however said the place has currently registered a decline in crime cases despite the closure of the police outpost recently.

Okello noted that Domestic violence is the most committed offences followed by night thefts.

Efforts to get comments from the North Kyoga Police Spokesperson was not possible by the time of compiling this report.