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MP Cecilia Ogwal Castigated For Not Throwing Her Weight Behind FDC Party

lunes, 03 de abril de 2017

By Opira Sam

Some FDC party leaders have come on spot for their lack of willingness to develop the party.

On Saturday, the last day of the FDC party retreat for Lango Sub-region that was marked with a heated session,Joel Okao Tema, the former MP contestant for Lira Municipality was applauded by other party members in attendance when he particularly attacked the woman MP for Dokolo District Cecelia Ogwal, accusing her of deliberately failing to popularize the party in Lango.

Okao Tema also accused Cecelia Ogwal for offering selective support to some candidates sidelining others and yet they share the same party and ideologies.

He wondered why Mrs. Ogwal keeps winning elections while other members have always failed to secure victory and yet she should have used her reputation to lobby support for other members as well.

The concerns of Mr.Okao were also shared by the party's Secretary General Nandala Mafabi who accused Ogwal of failing to invest her resources in the party and yet she has several responsibilities with monetary entitlements.

But the tough talking Cecelia Ogwal blasted Okao and others saying popularizing the party is a responsibility of every party member and not her alone.

Ogwal noted that no one should dare think that her involvement in the campaigns will cause automatic success without their tireless efforts for their victory.

Meanwhile the FDC Secretary for mobilisation Ingrid Turinawe said mobilizing for support should be a joint responsibility of all the members and should be with a uniform message.

The two days retreat held at Pauline Hotel in Lira started on Friday under the theme; Strengthening FDC to consolidate its achievements and enhance party cohesion.