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2016 Christmas Carol Winners Rewarded

lunes, 03 de abril de 2017

By Amony Immaculate

The Chapel Councils and Choir trainers of the groups that won in the Radio Wa Christmas Carol competition for 2016, have applauded the initiative for uniting the choir groups and promoting Evangelization in Lira Diocese.

Every year, Radio Wa conducts a Christmas Carol competition that have on average attracted more than 20 choir groups from the 18 Parishes in Lira Diocese as part of the activities to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas.

The Director of Radio Wa, Magdalene Kasuku on Saturday handed over cash prizes to the leaders of the three choir groups during a function at the station.

The stiffly contest that lasted about two weeks, was won by Jingcunyi Chapel Choir that received a cash prize of 150,000 shillings, St. Maryís Alyech from Alito Parish came second and received a cash prize of 100,000 shillings and the third winner, Amintenyo Chapel in Aliwang Parish got 50,000 shillings.

Ebong Jackson, the choir trainer of Jingcunyi chapel expressed happiness for winning but asked for an early release of the syllabus for the next competition.

Oyet Gaetano, the choir trainer Alyec St Mary chapel said the competition unites Christians in preparation for a celebrative mood ahead of Christmas. He said, they are looking forward to getting back to the first position they held in 2015.

He advised other choirs to continue participating as the Bible says, keep knocking and the door will be open for you.

Lameck Okwir, the choir trainer of Amintenyo chapel said the competition is one of ways of teaching the Christians and uniting choirs. He said the selection of the winners should be through the number of phone calls in favour of a particular choir.

This yearís competition is being planned to start earlier and to include the theme that Lira Diocese shall adopt for its Golden Jubilee celebration activities which climaxes next year.