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miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

By Ojok Jimmy

Youth in Lango Sub region have come under a series of attack by Clan leaders and Civil Society Organisations for their inadequate contribution to the development of the region.

The biting remarks on youth laziness were made during a one day conference organized by Lira NGO Forum at Grand Pacific Hotel for cultural, religious,civil society organizations, political leaders and other stakeholders to identify the available potentials for development in Lango Sub region.

According to Paul Acak, the Executive Director of Lira NGO Forum, most of the youth that should be engaged in productive work, spend most of their time on social media; chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp and grossly ignore developmental activities.

He said, many of them spend much of their time looking for white-collar jobs leaving out manual work in agriculture which is a ready paying venture.

Meanwhile the Clan leader of Bakolang, Joe Olang Erik said, there are some are some businesses like chicken and pork roasting that the youth in Lango ignore and yet they are the best customers of the business being run by the youth from other regions.

Col. Bosco Omure, the Operation Wealth Creation Coordinator for Lango sub region said only few youth have shown interest in receiving seeds supplied under Operation Wealth Creation programme because of their laziness to under take agriculture as business