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Lango Clan Chiefs Petition Office Of The President

martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

By Adero Grace

A faction of clan chiefs from Lango sub region has written to President Yoweri Museveni seeking for his support in the recognition of Eng. Moses Odongo Okune as the new Paramount Chief (Won Nyaci) of Lango.

Their letter, signed by Rev. George Okeng, the Speaker of the council of Lango clan leaders, introduces Odongo, the Executive Director of Uganda Road Fund and head of Okar Omwano Clan, as the new Paramount Chief elected by the council of clan heads on February 10, 2017.

The election is described in the letter as a major milestone in the transition process of the Lango Cultural Foundation (Tekwaro Lango) that started in June 2015 with the Karuma Peace Agreement.

His enthronement is scheduled to take place before June 19.

The group however explained that the transition process has been challenging due to resource constraints and resistance from the current Paramount chief Yosam Odur Ebii.

They hastened to add that the processes are now irreversible considering the overwhelming support from clan leaders and communities in Lango.

They are now seeking for president Museveni's intervention to the Transition process by welcoming Eng. Odongo as the new Paramount Chief and providing some retirement package to Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii so that he retires with dignity.

They are also seeking a presidential directive to the relevant organs for the construction of the palace of the Paramount Chief which has stalled.

However, the letter has attracted wide condemnation from cross sections of people in Lango.

Kenneth Ogwal, a resident of Ngetta accuses Odongo's group of trying to stage a coup against the administration of Yosam Odur, the reigning Paramount Chief.

Morris Okello, a resident from Aboke in Kole district asked the faction to follow due processes as regards the election of a cultural head (Won- Nyaci) adding that they should allow Yosam Odur to complete his term of office without undue interference.

The reigning Paramount Chief Yosam Odur maintains that the planned coronation is illegal because Odongo was elected illegally adding that the office will remain unmoved even if Odongo sought support from the highest office in the country.

Odur spoke through Jacob Ocen, the Spokesperson of Lango Cultural Foundation.

John Peter Ematu, the North Kyoga Regional Spokesperson says Police still considers Yosam Odur, as the legitimate Paramount Chief.

He says any planned coronation is illegal and will be classified as a security threat to the community.

Recently Obiga Kania, the State Minister for Internal Affairs said government was bitter about the conflict which he said had taken toll on the administration of Lango Cultural Foundation.

He described the bickering as a big shame.