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CSOs To Sue Apac District Over Wastefull Expenditures Of Shs 98 Million

viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017

By Ojok Jimmy

The Apac Anti Corruption Coalition and other district Officials from Kole and Oyam are threatening to sue Apac District Local Government for their acceptance to pay 98 million shillings to nine former NAADS staff of Apac.

The payment was made after a court ruling where the victims had gone to seek redress.

During a regional dialogue meeting held by TACC and other stakeholders on Thursday at Pacific hotel, the officials resolved to sue Apac DLG for wasteful expenditure.

According to Geoffrey Okullu the programmes manager of TAACC, unlawful decision was made by the District Executive Committee of Apac after refusing to implement the directives by the Central Government and Apac district council to reinstate nine former NAADS staff.

The nine staffs took the district to court and won the case, making Apac district to loose 98million shillings in the Financial year 2016/2017.

Uma Atim Jama, the personnel officer of Oyam District revealed that Apac should be taken to court to answer why they refused to implement the directives from the Central government to pay and reinstate the nine former NAADDs officials which has cost the district dearly.

The Resident District Commissioner of Apac Beatrice Akello said Apac District Executive Committee erred by refusing to pay and reinstate the former NAADs workers and said they must be responsible for the recovery of the lost fund.

Meanwhile the Vice Chairman of Apac Jaspher Okori said, since he is new in the district council, any body who thinks that Apac has done wrong is free to go to court and challenge the District Local Government.

Apac is one of the districts that have many complaints of corruption more especially in the departments of Health and Education.