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Anti Malaria Drugs Maliciously Consumed By Non Patients in Lira

lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

By Opira SaM

People without malaria parasites in their blood have been discovered as the highest consumers of anti malarial drugs in Lira District.

The findings are according to the data compiled by the District health department between January to December 2016 from the various health facilities

Explaining the data findings to our reporter on Monday morning, Lira district Vector Control Officer Mr.Rashid Mwesigye Etwop revealed that up to 36.7% of those who visited the health facilities between April and June 2016 received Coatem even when they were not confirmed to be having malaria.

Within the same period, only 19.9% of those who received the anti malarial therapies were confirmed to be having malaria which Etwop attributed it to the mindset of individuals.

Etwop said members of the community have always remained skeptical about going to test for malaria but only wait to receive the drugs whenever they are brought to the facilities.

Meanwhile a staff at Ayago Health Centre III who spoke to our reporter in an anonymous condition last week revealed that they have continued to register many cases of malaria at the Out Patient Department even after the mosquito net distribution and other interventions.

But at Anyatir H/C III, malaria cases have currently reduced compared to before which the health workers there attribute to proper net usage and continued civic education among others.

According to the data at the facility, malaria prevalence declined from 41.4% in August to 26.43% in December 2016.

In Lira District in general,the prevalence declined from 19.9% in June to 11.1% in December 2016.