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Starch Factory Residents To Collect Money to Construct Police Outpost

lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

By Ojok Jimmy

The councilor of Starch Factory parish in Adyel division, Harriet Okello has denied allegations by the local resident of the area that she disappeared with money collected for the establishment of a police post.

Harriet Okello denied the allegation during a security meeting held at Holy Rosary Church premises on Sunday. She instead accused the LC 1 chairperson Mr Odomoch of blackmail and defamation her over the media that she had stolen over 7 million shillings

During the same meeting Mzee Oba, the chairperson for Starch A, also attacked his colleague the chairman of Starch Factory B,Thomson Odomoch, accusing him of propaganda when he alleged that Oba connived with Harriet to steal the residents money.

However, despite the counter accusations the resolved to begin afresh to collect 1000 shillings from each family for the construction of a police post.

The chairman LC3 of Adyel Divison, Jimmy Awany Cingmalo in his remarks urged people to contribute generously so that the house is completed in time.

Starch Factory Outpost is not operating at the moment after the outpost was locked over rent areas.