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Business In Lira Main Market Soars After Demolition of Roadside Kiosks

lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

By Adongo Zainabu

Gazetted markets within Lira Municipality that have not been attracting business, have started filling up to capacity following the demolition of the kiosks and illegal structures.

In the last two weeks, the municipal authorities embarked on removing the structures, most of them stocked with merchandise that are also sold in the markets, from the road reserves and evicted street vendors.

A survey conducted by Radio Wa news desk shows that many of the affected owners of the kiosks especially those who were operating in Teso bar- Corner Kamdini, Juba road, Lira- Kampala highway have erected the make-shifts in the markets such as Te-alok, Cuk Ebange and Junior quarters markets among others.

At Cuk Ebangye, the vendors who were evicted from Oringo Panga market in Teso Bar have asked the Adyel Division Leaders to ensure that all the vendors and those transacting business along the streets are relocated into the gazetted markets within the municipality.

DL Ocen Candit, the Defence Secretary for Cuk Ebangye Village, Lango Central Parish, Adyel division on his part, said the return of the evicted vendors has not improved much on the revenue which they are supposed to use in the development of the markets

Meanwhile the chairperson of Cuk Ebangye Zaina Apio commonly known as Imat Mogo asked the Municipal and the office of the chairperson LC3 of Adye l Division to forcefully evict all the vendors from the places such as Oringo Panga, Abattoir and Corner Kamdini.

She added that they have enough space which will accommodate all the vendors which will inturn make their businesses to gain profits.

In response to the concerns raised by the vendors,Jimmy Awany Cingmalo the chairperson Adyel Division noted that they have given the vendors in ungazetted premises 10 days and after that, the law enforcement team shall forcefully evict them.

Lira Municipality has about eight gazetted market places with three in Adyel Division which includes Cuk Ebangye, Cuk Alok and Junior Quarters.