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Practical Partnership On Ffood Sustainability

miércoles, 01 de marzo de 2017

By Otonga Pelegrine

Development partners have committed to work alongside government to ensure that the problem of food insecurity is eliminated in Uganda.

They highlighted existing interventions and pledged to further support short term programs that will contribute towards food sustainability.

The commitment was made during the release of the findings of the Food Security Assessment study which was commissioned by government in 2015 to establish the magnitude of food shortage in the country.

The report however paints a grim picture with an estimate of over 10 million Ugandans living in acute shortage of food while 1.6 million are in a food crisis as a result of long drought.

On Tuesday, Christina Malmberg, the Word Bank Country Manager for Uganda said the food situation in Uganda was of great concern to the World Bank and was skeptical that this could push poor Ugandans further into poverty.