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Zero Discrimination Day - Stigmatization Still Remains a Challenge

miércoles, 01 de marzo de 2017

By Adongo ZAinabu

Legal officers and Human Rights Advocates in Lango sub region have called upon the general public to embrace the fight for a fair and equal treatment of Patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Their call comes at a time when Uganda joined the rest of the world in the commemoration of the Zero Discrimination Day.

The Zero Discrimination Day is an annual event recognized by the united nations and it is aimed promoting diversity and recognizing that everyone counts regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, skin colour, heights, weight, profession, education and beliefs.

This year UNAID celebrates this day focusing on their fight for a fair and equal treatment of patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Boniface Etol a Legal officer at Justice Centre Uganda in an interview said that People Living with HIV are not supposed to be discriminated against but instead the community members should provide support to them. Etol added that people should also provide assistance to the vulnerable groups such as widows, orphans, elderly persons rather than leaving them all to themselves which stigmatizes them a lot.

Charles Ocen another Legal officer said that the victims of discriminations especially the vulnerable poor have equal rights to access justice therefore they are deemed to have legal representatives when seeking for justice.

A report from the united Nations shows that many countries have laws against discrimination but its still a problem in all layers of society in every county in the world.