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No Unique Expectations From Ugandan EALA Representatives

miércoles, 01 de marzo de 2017

By Opira Sam

Some MPs from Lango especially those from the opposition parties have expressed high hope on the newly elected Ugandan members of the East African Legislative Assembly(EALA).

They noted that all the elected members have the capabilities and proper credentials to actively represent Uganda at the regional parliament.

Lira District woman MP Joy Atim Ongom while speaking to our reporter in an interview on Wednesday revealed that with the current team of potential Ugandan representatives to the Arusha based parliament, the impact of economic integration will start to be felt by the local people.

She said the active participation of the MPs, one of whom from Lango, shall take Uganda to the next stage through leveling the ground for local traders to favorably traverse through the member countries.

On the controversial UPC-NRM alliance, MP Joy Atim said it was not about alliance but lobbying from all the political parties which even saw their own Christopher Opoka go through.

Meanwhile Lucy Ajok the former woman MP for Apac District told our reporter that for the new leaders to perform, government should set for them the agenda which they will follow.

This she said will limit them from pursuing their personal interests which are not beneficial to the entire nation.

But Moris Chris Ongom the Executive Director of GLOFODE-Uganda noted that nothing unique will be seen from the elected representatives since even the process of their selection was so fraudulent.