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Local Governments To Protect Government Land From Encroachers

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

By Opira Sam

The commissioner for Urban Development in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Mr. Pade Joseph Walter has called upon the District and Municipal Land Boards to play active roles in the fight against illegal allocation of plots in urban centres.

This comes amid several concerns from the public that land allocation in the urban centres are always based on the economic status of individuals and dominated by tendencies of corruption.

Commissioner Pade said, as the ministry, they have documented these occurrences but said, to rectify this, the land boards need to perform their mandatory responsibilities to guard against such exploitation.

He said to further counteract these; government has instituted the Municipal Physical Planning Committee to widen the scope of participation by several stakeholders.

According to him, the move was aimed at countering the scenario where some municipal physical planners used to monopolise the entire process.

There have been outstanding outcry from members of the public that evictions of those who have purportedly encroached on government lands in urban areas are done on friends and relative basis and also financial statuses of the encroacher.