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Food Prices Soar In Lira Markets

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

By Okai Ambrose

The current long drought has translated into shortages of fresh foods with prices shooting up in Lira main market, according to a mini-survey conducted by our reporter on Saturday.

Tomatoes and green paper are mostly the Vegetables that the prices have gone up steadily.

Tomatoes Money maker variety is currently selling at 35,000 shillings up from 27,000 shillings per box a few months ago. Other varieties such as Rio, Nuru and Roma are selling at 300,000 in a big box while the small ones are selling four of them at 500 and big ones cost 2000 shilling.

Green paper which is known for giving flavor, a bag is going at 100,000 shilling while four small ones is selling at 600 to 1200 for big sizes.

A bag of Cabbage is being sold at 70000 while a small size goes between 1500 to 3500 for big sizes. Other Vegetables which has shown increase in prices are greens such as Boyo which is selling from 300 to 500 and Ocra where four small fruits is 600 shilling.

Alex Ogwal, a vegetable farmer from Aloi, Alebtong said, the price of tomatoes is up due to prolong drought that has affected local farmers.

He said the situation has called for other farmers from outside Lango such as Mbale and Kampala to always bring high breed varieties which is expensive for the consumer.

Vicky Apio, a fresh vegetable vendor in Lira main market disclosed that due to an increment in the price, the number of customers going for the goods in the market is declining.