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Parents Protest Transfer Of headteacher in Alebtong District

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

By Alal Sam

Parents of Orem primary School in Barr Sub-County, Lira district have petitioned a move by Lira District Education Department to transfer their headteacher.

The School Headteacher, Ms Molly Ameto Angweri has been transferred to Tetyang Primary School also in Barr Sub-County after only one year at the School.

But her transfer has not gone well with parents who still think she has unfinished tangible developmental activities to revamp learning in the school.

On Wednesday Afternoon, the School PTA Chairperson Mr Albino Alele on behalf of parents, delivered their petition to the DEO with the hope that he will consult with CAO to reverse the transfer.

Alele told Radio Wa reporter that Ametos impact had already been felt by parents for the good relationship she has with parents, teachers and pupils of the school which was also reflected in 2016 PLE results.

One of the School's SMC members, James Lingo said the parents were left disappointed after hearing announcement of what they regard as unfair transfer.

In the 2016 PLE results, Orem primary School failed to obtain any pupil in division one but 15 candidates passed in second grade with high marks after a series of programs that were initiated by Molly Ameto. Among the programs include school feeding and introduction of midterm examinations, among others.