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Dokolo Headteachers Demoted Over Poor PLE Results

jueves, 09 de febrero de 2017

BY Ouni Jaspher

The recently released PLE results has seen a number of school head teachers in Dokolo district demoted.

The exercise done by the District Education Officer, David Eryatu, saw Mr Ekeny Robert a former Head teacher at Adagnyeko P/7 demoted to a class room teacher at Okwalongwen P/7, Arege Paul from Amunamun P/7 to acting deputy at Tetugu P/7 in Agwata Sub country.

During the District Head teacherís meeting held on Wednesday to develop strategic plan to improve on performance in 2017, the DEO Mr.David Eryatu attributed the demotions to poor performance and negligence adding that they will continue and dismiss all Teachers who are not serious.

Eryatu also cautioned teachers against alcoholism and urged them to concentrate on their work. According to Eryatu, Dokolo district is burying at least one Teacher annually as a result of alcoholism.

Meanwhile the Chairperson Dokolo District Headteacherís Association Mr Okabo Opio noted that most Headteachers in Dokolo District are wild within their communities hence calling for induction and exposure visits for such Teachers.

The Chief Administrative Officer Dokolo Mr George William Omuge on his part, advised Headteachers to implore parents to contribute towards school feeding program for candidates.

Dokolo District is a young growing district with 60 government headed primary schools.