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Health Officials To Minimise Drug Wastage Amids Fears of Shortage

jueves, 09 de febrero de 2017

By Opira Sam

The Health officials in Lango Sub region have allayed the fears of anti-malarial drug shortages recently reported in the media.

Last Sunday, one of Uganda’s dailies reported that all the public health facilities across the country were expected to suffer the shortages of anti-malarial drugs for the February cycle after the National Medical Stores ran out of the essential drugs such as coartem.

However, when contacted to verify the report, some health officials whom our reporter managed to talk to speak to, confirmed that they still have stocks of the anti-malarial drugs especially Coatem in their stores to treat malaria patients.

Dr. Patrick Buchan Ocen, the DHO for Lira noted that much as the shortage may not seriously affect them,but they have now resorted to “test and treat” strategy where the drugs are only given to those found to be having malaria.

This he said is helping them to minimise drug wastage where sometimes even those suspected to be having malaria, are given the drugs. He however said the shortage is not long term since the problem was only with the manufacturers which did not manufacture enough anti-malarial drugs.

Dr. Ocen on the other hand, called upon the general public to employ preventive measures such as use of treated mosquito nets and allow their houses to be sprayed to kill the mosquitos that causes malaria.

The DHO for Alebtong Dr. Odung Tonny also allayed the fears when he told our reporter that they currently have adequately enough drugs for malaria treatment even in the long run.

Meanwhile in Amolatar District the Assistant DHO Mr. Alex Ogwal confirmed that they have just received a fresh consignment of anti-malarial drugs and are not threatened with any shortage in any way.

Dr. James Awanyo, the in-charge of Aboke H C III in Kole District also confirmed that they were about to receive more consignment of the anti-malarial drugs.

It’s not yet clear whether the shortages at the National Medical Stores have already been rectified.