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Election Of a New Paramount Chief Suspended

jueves, 09 de febrero de 2017

BY Okello Ceasar Ivan

The election of the new Paramount Chief of Lango (Won.nyaci) has temporarily been suspended following an emergency consultative security meeting held in the office of RDC Lira between members of the Cultural Electoral Commission and the regional security team.

The meeting chaired by Lira Resident District commissioner Mr Robert Abak agreed that both the Electoral Commission and security team first suspend the elections for the formality of peace.

During the meeting, the Regional Internal Security officer Capt. Amura Godfrey pleaded with the teams to accept the suspension of the election of Wonnyaci to give way for the security team to establish the reasons against the transition.

Capt. Amura said that the security is concerned about the escalating conflict between the factions led by Col Tonny Otoa and that of Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii, the sitting Paramount Chief.

The meeting later asked the Cultural Election Commission team led by Vincent I Oling to put in writing all the reasons that warrant the election of the new Wonnyaci to be addressed to the Chairperson Regional Security Committee.

The security team also resolved to summon Mzee Yosam Odur and his team before all the clan leaders to give their side why they donít want change in the leadership of Lango.

Lira Resident district commissioner Robert Abak noted that the suspension of the election is not intended to find fault against anybody but to seek a peaceful way of resolving the conflict once and for all. Abak revealed that the side loyal to Dr Richard Nam should also know that the transition process is not to overthrow anybody from office but for the betterment of Lango community and peaceful coexistence.

The members of the electoral commission said that they were ready 100% to hold the election of the new paramount chief of Lango that was slated for tomorrow the 10th February.

However those loyal to Yosam Odur Ebii have continuously insisted that the current Won.nyaci will rule for life, drawing resistance from some members of the public and clan leaders. Among those who attended the meeting were RPC John Peter Ematu, RISO Capt. Godfrey Amura, Col Rtd Tony Otoa, Joan Pacoto, Vincent I Oling and Rev Martin Odongo.