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Amach Sub County To Withold Payments To JENACO Construction Company

martes, 07 de febrero de 2017

B Adongo Zainabu

The Amach sub county leadership have threatened to withhold any further payments to the JENACO Construction company if the works on Alworo- Akuli-Onyakede Road Via Awali swamp is not complete in time. The threats on non payment were remarked by the Amac sub county Chief Harriet Aboko during an impromptu visit by Radio Wa reporter at the site.

Aboko noted that little has been done on the road and she is now worried about the onset of the rains. Recently the director of JENACO revealed that work on3.9km road had been worked on up to 70% .

The Amach sub county Chief Harriet Aboko told Radio wa news desk that as sub county they have created a committee to monitor the progress of the construction on the 3.9km road.

She added that the contractor will not be given any advance payment unless the work is clearly seen by the monitoring team.

But according to the Director of JENACO Sam Acuti ,the road under construction is now accessible by the community on foot, bicycle and light trucks

He noted that this is possible because they have finished the first phase of the construction and now left with installing the culverts and pouring murram on the road.

About the challenges they are faced with at the construction site, Acuti said that they lack some resources such as funds adding that they have submitted a request to the Lira district Local Government for support noting that once its approved they will be in position to finish the work in time

However during a visit to the construction site on Tuesday afternoon, it was observed that the work from Alworo primary school through Awali swamp is about 5% and can not be used by motor bicycles and Light trucks as claimed by the Director of JENACO


Efforts to get comments from LC3 Chairperson for Amach sub county Bernard Adoko was futile by the time of compiling this report. However some residents whom radio wa interview said that they hope the construction works is complete within the contract period.