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UPDF To Turned Apac Into A business Hub

martes, 07 de febrero de 2017

By Opira Sam

Local communities in Apac district are yet to continue reaping big from the services of the UPDF.

Speaking to our reporter in an interview on Tuesday about the aftermath of the celebrations,the RDC for Apac Beatrice Akello Akori confirmed that the UPDF medical team will still continue to give health care services to the people there for the next three weeks.

This she said, was an order from the president for the UPDF team to remain in the district for the three weeks duration offering services like Hep B and Cervical Cancer screenings among others.

Commenting about the hospitality of the people, she said the event in her district has left a lot of positive impacts in the lives of the local communities especially those in the business sector.

The RDC also noted that with the deployment of security personnel in the district ahead of the main event,the level of crime in the district has greatly reduced hoping that the trend will continue.

Meanwhile the RPC for North Kyoga Mr.John Peter Ematu who also spoke to our reporter in an interview on Tuesday disclosed that they did not register any security concern before and after the event.

Ematu commended the entire community of Lango for their consciousness that led to the successful conclusion of the celebrations.

This year´s Tareh-sita day was celebrated in Apac,the home town of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote whose government was toppled by the then NRA in 1985 and was presided over by president Yoweri Museveni as the chief guest.