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Tareh Sita Climaxed With A Call for Peace and Reconcilation in Lango

lunes, 06 de febrero de 2017

By Amony Immaculate

Tarehe sita may have climaxed with a Celebration at Apac Municipality Bomah Ground, but the memories of the NRA guerrilla war against the then Government of Dr Apollo Milton Obote still remains.

However, some politicians have been skeptical on the relevance of the the event in promoting peace and reconciliation in the country, after the overthrow of a democratically elected government.

Hon Rebecca Amuge Otengo, the Ambassador Designate of Ugandan to Ethiopia said, the celebration is held in Apac to promote unity, adding that Ugandans should work together in order to develop.

Meanwhile the Hon Betty Amongi the Minister for Land, Housing and Urban Development said the celebration was just perfect for the people of Lango for the president´s key message was development.

She expressed her disappointment over some leaders whom she was not supporting the idea of celebrating the day in Lango sub- region. The day was celebrated under the Theme: “The people and their Security Forces”