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Children Abandon ARV Adherance As Residents Live On A Meal A Day

lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

By Okello Ceasar Ivan

The effect of famine where many families in Lango now live on one meal a day, has placed the lives of over 2700 children living with HIV at very high risk of survival

The prolonged draught coupled with crop failure in the last planting season has led to severe food shortage in the villages where most of these children are found.

The authorities at Lira Regional Referral Hospital said that the status at which the children are living calls for immediate intervention to rescue the situation.

The mainly affected children range from the age of 3 to 12 years and have all been enrolled on Anti-retro-viral drugs- ARVs at Lira Regional Referral Hospital.

The In-charge of the Infectious Disease Department, Sr. Rose Olengo acknowledged that the lives of the children could be in danger because some of them have shunned taking of the ARVs due to hunger.

Sr. Olengo said some of the children are also getting little care from their care-givers which is worsening the situation, saying the only remedy is for government to provide food aid for the vulnerable children living with HIV in Lira.

On the other hand, George Opio, a parent living with HIV and also taking care of victims of HIV, said people leaving with HIV in Uganda are being side-lined from government programs including getting jobs in public service which deny them income to help feed the children.

People living with HIV in Lira have now started an association called Lira Infectious Disease Clients Association as one of the ways to seek for help from government and non-governmental organisations to overcome their challenges.