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Residents Divided Over New Sub County Headquatres in Kole

lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

By Ojok Jimmy

Tension is building up in Alito Sub County in Kole District over the location of the headquarters of Okwerodot, a new Sub County curved out of Alito.

The Councillors hailing from the Parishes of Okwerodot, Abongojok, Obutu and Lwala who are in favor of Okwerodot as the location for the seat of the Sub County are battling with the Councillors from Adelogo, Ayara and Ayalla Parishes who want Ayara as the suitable position for the headquarters.

Johnson Aguda, the councillor representing Okwerodot who led a team to Radio Wa on Sunday, said Okwerodot is already the Parish currying the name of the Sub County and yet its one of the Parishes that has lagged behind in terms of receiving service delivery.

Ketty Okello said she, and some councillors shall advocate to be administered under Alito Sub County should Okwerodot be denied to host the headquarters.

When contacted for comments, the Chairman LC3 of Okwerodot Geoffrey Ameny confirmed about the conflict over hosting of the Sub County but said a meeting to resolve the impasse has been scheduled on Tuesday 24th at Tekeo in Ayara.

However, the Okwerodot group said they will not attend the meeting if the venue is going to be at Ayara because it means that they have endorsed Ayara as the headquarters.