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Tough Decisions To Reach S1 Cut Off Grades For Top Schools In Lira

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2017

By Adero Grace

Adherence to the ministry of education cut off points for admission to S.1 is the surest way of gate keeping to quality results at both Ordinary and advanced level of education.

Though the cut off points are arrived at for the national selection exercise, many school administration always admit student with their points above the cut off points.

With more pupils scoring a first grade in Lira district it may not be so easy for them to join Secondary level of Education.

According to a mini survey done by our reporter to a few schools in Lira district ,some of the powerful schools among them Dr.Obote College may this year admit pupils with Aggregate 9.

A section of parents could have been impressed by last weeks PLE results especially those whose children passed in first grade.

On Monday, our reporter visited a few schools in Lira district to find the cut off points for admission of senior one pupils.

Wilfred Jasper Opaka , the Deputy Headmaster Dr. Obote College, confided in our reporter that the school has for the past four years been admitting pupils at Aggregate 9 and only some few with Agg10 from the ministry of Education and sports.

Yearly, over 400 pupils apply to Join Dr.Obote and this projects a hard tasks to administrators for selection as Local admissions is also given to pupils who have scored aggregate10 .

Opaka noted that the ministry of Education posts more than 300 pupils giving them minimal room for admitting pupils who did not make the school their first choice. .

Another challenge constipating more admission he said is the limited infrastructural development.

Meanwhile according to, the deputy head master of Dr.Obote College the official selection has to be done according to cut off points from the ministry of education.

According to him some of the pupils who do not pass in Div 1 in the rural schools be considered as they can perform better.

Peter Awio the deputy Head teacher of Lira town College, says they prefer admitting pupils in Div 2 and 3 as some of them could have not performed well due to unfriendly learning conditions in their different rural primary schools.

In Lira district alone 345 pupils got first grade and 2392 passed in second grade.