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Lira Youth Livelihood Fund Taken As An Election Bonanza

martes, 17 de enero de 2017

By Okello Ceasar Ivan

The timing of the disbursement of the Youth Livelihood Fund during the 2016 election season has affected the effective management of the program, the District Community Development Officer for Lira has said.

Speaking to Radio WA reporter, Francis Okello Olwa said most of the groups that received the loans during the campaigns for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections are reluctant to make recoveries, thinking that the money was a gift from government.

He stressed that they have been left with no option but to cause arrests to some youth leaders who have misappropriated the funds by distributed them among themselves

According to him, ever since 2015 when Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development through the District Local Government of Lira disbursed over 360 million shillings to 40 youth groups, only 28 million shillings has so far been recovered.

Okello Olwa said other youth are in need of the money but due to the negative perception by the already beneficial youth groups, government may not send in new disbursement.

However James Omara Elem, the male Youth Councillor for Lira District blamed government for the mess in Youth Livelihood funds, saying the youth were not guided on the business they were made to sign the agreement.

Omara Elem also said the other factor that is hindering the recovery of Youth Livelihood Fund is the policy where most youth think has been modified out of NUSAF Program which was a grant that is regarded as free money.

He also accused Lira district leadership for delaying the disbursement of 190 million shillings to 19 groups that were approved mid last year.

But Francis Okello Olwa said that 151 million shillings would be given to the 19 groups mid this week.