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Lira Moves To Save Wetlands

viernes, 06 de enero de 2017

By Okello Ceasar Ivan

The Environmental Police and NEMA officials will begin traversing all the wetland areas in Lira district to assess their current situation, the Resident District Commissioner has disclosed.

Robert Abak who is to move with the team of Police from Environmental Management and Protection Unit throughout the district said that the exercise will commence later this week.

Government of Uganda through the environmental department is to start evicting or arresting those who have illegally encroached wetlands and Forest reserve in the country.

Abak warned that whoever is found to be claiming ownership of wetland and forest reserve will automatically be apprehended and prosecuted in the courts of law.

Among the areas which is said are likely to be affected include Anai in Lira Sub-County, Amac, Agali, Adekokwok and Barr sub counties.

The RDC said that wetlands and forest encroachments are major threats to climate change and as government they will not sit and see their destruction.

He said the team will proceed to other districts like Alebtong and Amura where cases of wetland encroachment is higher compared to other places.

Attempt to get comments from the environment officer for Lira Fabious Otike was futile at the time of filing this report.