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Clan Laders to Encourage Dialogue As A Move Against GBV

martes, 03 de enero de 2017

By Adongo Zainabu

Cultural leaders should continue to engage their subjects in dialogues over the dangers of domestic violence to the general wellbeing of the public and to find lasting solutions.

This was the quest made by the Awitong of Okii Raki Okwero Cobo Clan, Shaban Alunga Atepo during the clanís end of year meeting for the leaders from the districts of Dokolo, Alebtong and Lira last Friday at Bata Sub County, Dokolo district.

Alunga said, most families are forcing the children to engage in activities such as hawking and gardening which has made most of them to drop out of school.

He added that the rampant violence in the families is attributed to the neglect of the roles, responsibilities and duties that each partner in the home should undertake.

Zaina Uthman Angoro, the Minister in charge Women Affairs in the Office of the Awitong of Okii Raki Okwero Cobo said that most men have now neglected their responsibilities which she also said has led to unprecedented domestic violence.

Domestic violence can be inflicted in a number of ways such as emotionally, sexually, economically and physically.