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Lira Food Vendors Abandon Main Market and Set Makeshifts Outside

martes, 03 de enero de 2017

By Adero Grace

Vendors in Lira Main Market are calling for the demolition of Juba market and the banning of business along Notte-ber road if Lira Municipal is to realise meaningful revenue collection.

Dorcus Odong, a dealer in fresh cassava says buyers prefer Juba market and purchasing food stuffs along the road side which makes trading from inside the market a disgrace to their business.

Another vendor, Adongo blamed the municipal authority for permitting the pedallers who are selling goods on wheel barrows for chocking their business.

Harriet Ocen Bung, the Vice Chairperson Lira main Market on the other hand say the vendors flocking Notte-Ber road are majority women dealing in fresh foods , who were not allocated stalls in the market.

Sam Okello, a driver on Chawente route says that transferring them to another location will negatively impact on their transport business as it is not easy getting passengers in one spot.

Muhhamed Bigirwa , the Lira OC traffic notes that Notteber road is impassable especially at around 4 and 5 Pm and that the municipal council authority should evacuate the vendors with immediate effect.

The vendor along Notteber road all agree that they are aware of plans to vacate them. Some say they are waiting for that time when they will be chased.