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Radio Wa exists to promote harmony, peace, justice and development primarily in rural communities of Lango sub-region


A peaceful, responsible, healthy, informed (educated) and productive Northern Uganda


  • Radio Wa cherishes Integrity, Social Justice, Fairness & Equity as it strives to be the voice of the voiceless
  • Radio Wa embraces Love and respect for the people it serves
  • Radio Wa fosters tolerance, consistency & perseverance in promoting a culture of dialogue

Guiding Principles

  • Promotion of reconciliation and forgiveness as the foundations of a renewed and fairer society
  • Focus on a constructive approach to programmes, news analysis and peaceful conflict resolution, seeking harmony rather than dissension and hatred
  • To be mindful of the most vulnerable segments/members of the society
  • Keeping high professional work standards, ethical behaviour and accountability
  • Foster and fulfil peoples' right to impartial, objective and informed contents
  • Quality and excellence in the way work is executed