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Radio Wa 89.8 FM is a non-profit venture belonging to the Catholic Church and with a clear focus on development and improvement of life conditions of the people of Northern Uganda. Being a non-profit media house, any financial benefits from its media activities are entirely reinvested into the sustainability and growth of the radio sender as well as the improvement of work conditions of the staff involved in it.

We are thankful and honoured because of so many individuals, companies, organizations and agencies who during all the years of existence of Radio Wa have supported us with their advertising needs. At this new juncture where Radio Wa is now equipped with better means of communication and outreach, our hope is that this trust might be renewed and new clients might come on board.

We are an inspired team

Radio Wa is proud to be driven by a dynamic and active Marketing Team that is geared towards achieving total satisfaction from the side of clients. We honour the trust that so many companies, organizations and individuals have been showing in the services of Radio Wa and we feel committed to serve all these stakeholders with utmost attention and dedication.

Presently Radio Wa's marketing team is comprised of four members led by Mr. John Kakeeto, Head of Marketing Department. In addition to Mr. Kakeeto, Lira office also has Joseph Okeng whereas Kampala Office (located along Kampala Road, Ambassador House Entrance C 1st Floor CCF/03) is managed by Mr. Apollo Onyango, senior marketeer and Mr. Jasper Abong. All requests and queries concerning marketing can be addressed to the Head of the department who will be delighted to answer them at the earliest possible opportunity. Radio Wa welcomes the support and collaboration of any other freelance marketeers who might be in the position of promoting the station by attracting business and clients to it.

The greatest joy of this team is to see that clients appreciate the service given and they have recognized good customer care given to them. Radio Wa is very much interested in getting regular and comprehensive feedback from its clients and therefore it often requires them to fill in feedback forms that can show the strengths and weaknesses of the service provided so that improvement of services can also be implemented.

This is what we offer

The services we offer to our clients are:

  • advertisements
  • sponsorship of programmes or slots
  • talkshows (up to 4 participants)
  • announcements
  • audio production works
  • DJ mentions.

Presently Radio Wa offers a studio suitable for talk shows as well as a production room. At this moment, Radio Wa is carrying out the construction of a new building close to its present premises so as to offer a better and more professional service to the population of Northern Uganda. Once this new building is finished (towards the last months of 2012), it will offer ample studios and 3 production boots for audio production, as well as proper meeting rooms for the use of the Marketing team.

We monitor our work

Radio Wa's media activities are monitored by Synovate (formerly Steadman Ltd.), a media monitoring agency, since many of the big clients and advertising agencies require this monitoring system to better follow up advertising activities.

In addition to that, Radio Wa counts on a sophisticated on-air software that monitors adverts, spots, announcements and other elements that go on air. Thanks to this software, clients can get a printout of when exactly their products and items have gone on air since the station system records times and lengths of all its contents 24 hours a day.

We promote “clean advertising”

Business practices in Uganda often lack ethical standards, which promote corruption and prevent transparency and accountability. Since Radio Wa draws its inspiration in the Social Teaching of the Church and because it also respects the integrity and dignity of its clients, Radio Wa wants to uphold high ethical standards and open a way for clean and transparent business practices.

One of the most challenging issues concerning bribery and corruption is “kickbacks” – a situation where a middleman or an agent asks for an extra compensation or “token” for carrying out his/her job of bringing the advertising needs of a company or client to a service provider –. Such practices seem to belong to the business culture of the country and radio stations are not an exception to this rule. Even at the cost of losing some business, Radio Wa takes very seriously the commitment of its clients to the station and therefore it neither accepts such conditions not enters into such dealings, since the position of the station is that a client is fully entitled to get good value for money with no hidden costs “under the counter.”

As it happens in many other media institutions, individuals or marketeers bringing business to Radio Wa are entitled to a 15% commission of the net income. The Radio Wa rate card (downloadable from this website) bears witness of the seriousness of this radio station when it makes known to its clients the fix rates vis-a-vis other radio stations that abusively hike their charges when they see a financially “powerful” client in front of them. Cheating is not part of our values!!

In such an open way, listeners know that all clients advertising in Radio Wa are part and parcel of a new “clean advertising” style which this station is spearheading so as to show its commitment to integrity and good practices. Such companies and organisations will be recognized as actors participating in the fight against corruption and promoting clean advertising.

These are some of our clients

As an example of clients that have honoured Radio Wa with their trust, here we have a list of the biggest existing clients of Radio Wa. :

  • Abacus Pharmacy (Africa) Ltd.
  • Action against Hunger
  • Airtel Uganda Ltd.
  • Aweki Enterprise Ltd
  • Bank of Uganda
  • Britannia Allied Industries Ltd.
  • Catholic Relief Service (CRS)
  • Centenary Bank
  • Citizens' Coalition on
  • Crown Beverages Uganda Ltd.
  • Electoral Commission
  • Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU)
  • GIZ (German Development Agency)
  • Hand Wash
  • Hima Cement
  • Human Rights Centre, K'la
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Judicial Service Commission
  • Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU) Apac
  • Movit Products Ltd.
  • MTN Uganda
  • Nevea Products Ltd.
  • Pwani Oil Products Ltd.
  • Refugee Law Project
  • Samona Products Ltd.
  • Sight Savers International
  • Straight Talk Foundation
  • Unilever Uganda Ltd.
  • Warid Telecom (U) Ltd.
  • World Vision Uganda