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About Us

A community radio inspired by Gospel values

Radio Wa exists to promote harmony, peace, common understanding, justice and development primarily in rural communities of Lango sub-region by means of education, balanced information, entertainment, advocacy and social awareness based in Gospel values and the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church.

Radio Wa belongs to Lira Diocese Media Ltd., and it is under the supervision of a Board of Directors chaired by Mons. Joseph Franzelli, Bishop of Lira. In a context dominated by media outlets mainly owned by politicians or individual close to political families, Radio Wa's belonging to the Church assures an editorial line which is community-centered, totally free from political bias or partisan interests.

Radio Wa is located at the Parish Hall of Uganda Martyrs Cathedral, the main Catholic Church in Lira. It is a community radio that was established as one of the Diocesan mass media initiatives with the purpose of building a peaceful and harmonious society, fostering human and Christian values and promoting education, dialogue, development and understanding. Though it keeps its Christian identity, its programmes aim to reach out to all persons beyond any barriers of race, religion, political creed or gender and to provide useful services to the community, especially those more vulnerable within it or in dire need of empowerment.

Being a community radio, its programming is structured in such a way that community involvement is emphasised. This is made easier by that fact that Radio Wa has the largest coverage of all the local radio stations in Lango Sub region. Its network of ca. 36 social communicators scattered all over the subregion is also a proof of its vocation to give a voice to all the corners of the sub-region and to provide balanced information at all times.

The radio is equipped with a 4 KW transmitter that ensures a wide coverage. The main mast is 42 meters high and it is located in Ngetta mission; the studio with a relay mast from the main studio in Lira town, along Lira-Kampala road, next to the Cathedral.

Radio Wa is also equipped with an outdoors broadcasting unit (OB) that allows broadcasting from remote locations in real time of any kind of social, political, community and sport events, as well as promoting constructive debate in different points of the region.

Radio Wa 89.8 is licensed to broadcast by Uganda Broadcasting Council and their programmes are monitored by Synovate Ltd. (formerly known as Steadman)